Diagram of the sock
84N Runner

For the serious runner who wants the ULTIMATE protection with MINIMAL bulk and contoured fit and/or those prone to blisters, aches and pain.

Ultimate protection and comfort with minimal weight

  • Eliminating all bulk in the arch and instep
  • Maximum cushioning in the ball and heel area

Moisture Control

  • Exclusive THOR-LON and LYCRA fresh FX draws perspiration away from your feet, keeping your feet drier and healthier

Contoured fit

  • Fits your existing shoes
  • Specific men’s and women’s fits

Available in four colours to match your sporting gear


There is a Thorlos® or Experia® solution for every runner depending on where you are in your performance life cycle.

THOR•LO®, Inc., the originator of activity specific socks, is committed to providing the ultimate in foot protection and comfort for all consumers. Over 25 years of scientific research stands behind the Thorlos® ultimate consumer promise of “Your Feet Will Feel Better or Your Money Back.”“ All Thorlos® sock products are designed to protect the foot from activity-specific demands such as shear, impact and blistering. Thorlos® provides its consumers with superior comfort products, which allows them to enjoy their active lifestyles. Run, walk, hike or everyday wear, there is a pair of Thorlos® for everyone, every shoe and every activity.

For more infomation ph. 0800 526 776 or email info@thorlos.co.nz